Tired of little ol' me's blog? This is a collection of posts by other people I find interesting.

2022-02-21, by Marginalia

I have no capslock and I must scream

A short story about data-driven design.

2022-03-18, by Marginalia

The Static File Startup

A tale of six brave Internet pioneers.

2019-05-09, by Erin White

Trans-inclusive Design

Erin gives advice for web developers and designers: About how to make websites inclusive for trans and non-binary people.

2021-08-09, by Artemis Everfree

why i don't use analytics

Artemis writes about blogging, social media, and why she doesn't want to count her website visitors.

2022-09-22, by Jeena

Content is King?

Jeena writes about content and presentation, and why both are important.

2022-02-22, by Dennis A. Mahoney

How to Write a Better Weblog

Dennis gives advice on writing, and how to improve the appeal of your blog.

2022-10-04, by Lauren Weinstein

Social Media Is Probably Doomed

Lauren writes about legislation around social media and its effects.

1999 (!) by Rick Booth

Equality of Connectivity

Rick writes about computer literacy and the internet.

2005, by Rick Booth

Easter Sunday

The author calls this article: A petulant rant about poor communication

2017-10-31, by Zack Weinberg

Domestic Ghosts

Important and actionable advice about what to do if there's a ghost living with you.

2011-12-05, by Mat Roberts

Lines of Code

Are lines of code a good metric for software complexity?

2010-03-07, by Mat Roberts

Simple Logic

A short but interesting + interactive read about human intuition and logic.