CC Zero

This blog is published under the terms of Creative Commons Zero. The full legal text can be found at This post exists to answer a few questions:

And most importantly:

What is covered?

Everything that I write on this blog is covered under CC 0, unless specified otherwise. That means:

What isn't covered?

Anything that I didn't make myself. That means, among other things:

...basically, anything that would go away if you copied a blog post into notepad.

Why CC 0?

CC 0 puts stuff under the public domain, which means that no copyright rules apply. Anyone is free to do whatever they want, including copying, changing, selling, etc. If you find something useful in a post, like a code snippet, you can freely copy it. You don't have to worry about licensing, about giving me credit, about patent issues, any of that pesky stuff. Just go ahead and use it. If it helps you a lot, feel free to let me know :)